How do you choose your coach?

We naturally strive to grow, to achieve more and more, to become better at what we do. And yet, we oftentimes find invisible barriers that stand in our way, we prioritise things that have nothing to do with our goals, we undermine ourselves when it comes precisely to the things that matter to us most – whether they are a business we want to start, a gym membership we use consistently with a goal in mind or finding that job which enables us to feel fulfilled at work and satisfies our financial needs at the same time.

We can’t always pinpoint what’s stopping us from achieving what we want but we can always find a coach who can. Here are three things to take into consideration when looking for a coach:

1. Ensure it is a coach that you are looking for

A great coach will enable you to achieve your outcome no matter what your outcome is and to what domain it relates to, providing that you are 100% committed to achieving it yourself. A coach hasn’t necessarily achieved the exact same outcoChoiceme, even more, might not even excel in the domain your outcome comes from. What do I mean? A coach is not a mentor, a coach probably hasn’t achieved what you’re looking to achieve, and so they haven’t “walked in your shoes” and won’t give you a step-by-step “recipe” of how to reach your goal. This actually is one of the things that makes a coach so appealing – he or she will have an out of the box view, unbiased by “how it should be done” and “how it’s always been done”. Instead, they would empower you to achieve your goal in a way that best fits you.

2. The proof is in the pudding

Always check for testimonials. Testimonials are the easiest and fastest way to get a glimpse into how it would be to work with a coach and the results other people had in working with a specific person. All coaches, businesses, freelancers have testimonials on their websites or a list of featured clients. Full names, portraits and logos will add to the credibility of the testimonial.

3. Your opinion matters the most

Many coaches offer a taster session / free consultation. More than giving you a taste of how it would be like to work with them, the free consultation gives you both the chance to check each other out. Decide what your outcome is before launching into a free consultation, know what you’re looking for and definitely take up the opportunity to talk to them before making a decision or engaging in a commitment. If they are not offering a free consultation, contact them nevertheless. You can still ask for a call as long as you show you’re genuinely interested in working with them and outline what the purpose of the call would be.

If you were to choose a coach now, what would you like them to empower you to achieve?


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