Accelerated NLP Business Practitioner and Coach Certification

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Neuro Linguistic Programming has come into its own as a leading methodology for business success. Intelligent business leaders, executives, entrepreneurs and managers are less inspired by conventional approaches to succeeding in business. They are searching for new ways to achieve their ambitions and goals and have observed a significant change in individuals after attending an NLP business programme. Interest from a wide range of professionals continues to grow rapidly, positioning NLP firmly as an innovative personal and organisational change methodology.

Using the NLP Practitioner skills you can directly have a significant impact on the bottom line of your business. There is a wide possibly to apply NLP in business on one hand by using the skills yourself and on the other hand being able to coach others to reach high performance levels. The value it can produce in business is infinite. Applying NLP techniques can:

  • be highly cost effective because it can negate the need for many other forms of skills training due to its transferrable nature
  • create role models and champions who inspire others to excel
  • create a dynamic, productive environment in which people enjoy what they do
  • fulfill the potential of individuals beyond their own perceptions
  • when linked with the highly effective Harrison Assessment it becomes a dynamic recruitment and talent management system for today’ competitive and cost conscious world.

Improved results in business require a change of thinking, feeling and action, generating new behaviours that take us beyond current boundaries. We need to be in control of the three key relationships – with others, with work, and with ourselves. NLP offers fast, effective change techniques which do just that.

NLP has the tools and techniques to:

  • become more engaged with what we are doing
  • expand our sphere of influence
  • enjoy things that used to cause anxiety
  • develop personal power
  • lead teams
  • improve decision making
  • make powerful presentations
  • negotiate that amazing deal
  • improve customer loyalty
  • close that sale
  • coach, teach or mentor your colleagues with greater impact.

During the Accelerated NLP Coach Certification Course, you will have the advantage of:

  • Gaining the knowledge of the foundations of NLP and discovering the underlying models that have given rise to this dynamic practice
  • Empowering beliefs that will change the way you experience and interact with the world around you
  • Taking part in an NLP Practitioner Certification that has been fully adapted to fit the needs of the nowadays’ top business managers
  • Mastering a simple model of communication that will enable you to always get your message across
  • Gaining a triple certification in only 7 days – Certified NLP Coach, Certified NLP Business Practitioner and Certified Timeline Therapy® Practitioner
  • Learning alongside people that want to take their business to the next level

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Why become a Certified NLP Coach, Certified NLP Business Practitioner and Certified Timeline Therapy® Practitioner?

Becoming a Certified NLP Coach, Certified NLP Business Practitioner and Certified Timeline Therapy® Practitioner will give you the ability to learn many new skills that can be applied to all areas of yours and others’ lives.

Do you want to have the keys to getting what you want? Want to get the essence of connecting, persuasion and influence? Want to know how to use your senses? Want to know how to use language with awareness, elegance and precision? Want to know how you’re influenced by associative conditioning? Want to know how you derive meaning from your experiences? Want to have the key to personal congruence? Want to get more of what you want in your life and in your business?

Then, whether for personal or professional reasons, this NLP Coach Certification Training is just for You! It provides you with a series of skills, techniques and strategies for success and how to create value in Your life. Since NLP it is process based (not content), the skills you learn here can be used to improve your abilities professionally and socially. Our graduates become masterful at working with others to produce positive change.

The NLP Practitioner is the first level of NLP certification designed for the new high standard in human communication, understanding, and helping people. During the training, we address challenges in business, education, relationships, family and many more, so that they can be solved, which in turn leads to greater personal growth.

We know that successful managers don’t have 21 days to get qualified at Practitioner Level in NLP. Therefore, our institute is accredited to run the Accelerated NLP Coach Certification together with the NLP Business Practitioner and Timeline Therapy® Practitioner Certifications in just 7 days. This course is the most complete and flexible way to learn NLP, Coaching and Timeline Therapy® techniques by combining pre-study with classroom learning. Offered in English, this unique approach minimises the amount of time you need to take out from work or family and eliminates the additional costs of traveling to an English-speaking country.

Time Line Therapy® is the latest development in NLP, created by Dr. Tad James and it utilizes a person’s own internal “TimeLine” to work with their unconscious minds in a variety of ways; including, healing emotional traumas and eradicating unwanted thoughts, emotions and behaviors. Our life experiences and the memories associated with them impact on how we approach our lives now. Time Line Therapy® techniques enable you to eliminate many types of issues in your past, thus allowing you to move forward toward your goals and desires. Techniques learned at this training not only will enhance your personal life quality and professional excellence, but also will increase your effectiveness working with others and your ability to empower yourself for optimum results.

NLP not only equips you with powerful self-development tools and techniques, but also helps to enhance your professional performance. During this triple certification training course you will learn how to create advanced coaching strategies by combining all your NLP skills and knowledge and Time Line Therapy® techniques. The NLP Coaching Skills can be widely applied in:

  • Business and Personal Coaching
  • Sales, Marketing and Communication
  • Learning and Educational Coaching
  • Therapy and Relationship Coaching


What will I learn on the Certified NLP Coach, Certified NLP Business Practitioner and Certified Timeline Therapy® Practitioner programme?

The underlying principles of NLP – the foundations of excellence

  • A simple model of communication that will enable you to understand how others make sense of the world and to always get your message across
  • Empowering beliefs that will change the way you experience and interact with the world around you
  • Understand the mind and body as a system and how to take control of this

Well-formed Outcomes – the keys to getting what you want

  • Ask questions that enable you to get totally clear about what you really want
  • How to set goals so that you consistently achieve them
  • How to enable others to get similar results

Rapport – the essence of connecting, persuasion and influence

  • Quickly connect with others
  • Discover the real secrets to body language
  • Get people to unconsciously identify with you
  • Use your voice to build rapport rapidly on the telephone
  • Elegantly disagree with others whilst maintaining rapport
  • Know how to get back in rapport when someone else breaks rapport with you

Representational Systems – how we use our senses

  • Discover how we experience the world
  • Learn to match another person’s preferred system to create rapport and deep understanding
  • Discover how others are thinking

Submodalities – the finer distinctions of how we give meaning to things

  • Learn how to use your brain’s programming language
  • Discover how someone internally structures their reality and how to influence that
  • Use submodalities to quickly change unwanted feelings, behaviours and habits

Language Patterns – how to use language with awareness, elegance and precision

  • Use your language with volition to gain greater acceptance of your message
  • Learn how to ask questions that get you the information you need with speed and precision
  • Know the best question to get to the root of a problem
  • How to overcome objections elegantly
  • Learn powerful conversational techniques to assist someone in changing their mind
  • Negotiate with elegance and quickly gain agreement on opposing points of view

Anchoring – how we’re influenced by associative conditioning

  • Strengthen your personal resources and your ability to access them whenever and wherever you want
  • Remove bad feelings from past experiences
  • Create powerful resources to get people out of “stuck” states such as procrastination or confusion

Strategies – the unconscious processes we use to create all our behaviour

  • Learn how we do what we do
  • Discover your own and other people’s decision-making strategy
  • Understand the basis of NLP modelling
  • Change your less useful strategies for more useful ones and use your effective strategies more often

Frames – how we derive meaning from our experiences

  • Learn how our frames of reference affect our interpretation of events
  • Discover how framing impacts our ability to understand things
  • Learn how pre-framing enables you to deal with potential objections
  • Expand your choices by becoming skilled at re-framing
  • Resolve conflicts easily and quickly
  • Become a skilled negotiator
  • Help others find better ways of solving problems

Parts – the key to personal congruence

  • Become more authentic
  • Learn how to resolve internal conflicts

Personal Values and Meta-programmes – the matrix of personality

  • Learn how to elicit a person’s values
  • Understand Values levels and personal evolution
  • Elicit Meta-Programmes
  • Learn how to use Values and Meta-Programmes in sales, recruitment, and management
  • Use the 12-minute Meta-Programmes and Values Inventory
  • Understand what is an Attitude and how it can be changed

Time Line Therapy® Practitioner Certification

  • Elicit the time line
  • Change the direction and location of the time line
  • Discover the root cause of presenting problems
  • Release negative emotions like anger, sadness, fear, hurt, and guilt quickly, and comfortably
  • Delete limiting decisions like “I can’t make a lot of money”, “I can’t have the relationship I want”, and any other “can’ts” that hold you back
  • Learn the secret to creating your future

How to be a successful coach?

  • Learn how to be a successful personal or business coach
  • Discover what coaching really is
  • Master the coaching processes
  • Discover the Creating Your Future® Coaching Techniques
  • Learn how to create and run a successful coaching practice

How can I learn all this in just 7 days?

Before attending the live training you study from a specially produced Home Study programme, which is included in the price of the training. We also provide you with a recommended reading list.

The pre-study takes about 70 hours, which you can do at your own convenience. During the live training you’ll learn the latest developments and distinctions and get to practice what you’ve learned. You’ll also get coaching during the exercises from our team of qualified coaching assistants.

Prior to attending the training you will receive a coaching call from a member of our team to check how you’re progressing with your pre-study.


Accreditation and Certification bodies

This course offers a triple certification:

  • Certified NLP Coach, accredited by The Coaching Division of the American Board of Neuro-Linguistic Programming in the USA (, certification that meets and exceeds the International Coaching Federation ( standards provided that the final coaching project is submitted.
  • Certified NLP Business Practitioner, accredited by The American Board of Neuro-Linguistic Programming in the USA (
  • Certified Practitioner of Timeline Therapy®, accredited by the Timeline Therapy Association in the USA (

These certification bodies offer worldwide recognition of our graduates.

Who will be leading the training?

The NLP Coach Certification Training is led by Radu Seuche, a highly experienced Certified NLP Master Coach and Trainer of Coaches, Certified Trainer and Master Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming, Certified Trainer and Master Practitioner of Time Line Therapy®, Certified Master Hypnotist, an accredited Harrison Assessments Talent Solutions (HATS) consultant and a Lean Six Sigma Green Belt. The coaching is provided by a team of certified NLP Master Coaches.

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