Public Speaking and Powerful Presentations™

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Just for a moment, imagine… you are about to deliver the biggest and most important presentation of your life. How much would it be worth to you if you could be totally prepared and confident to present? Are you ready to learn how to consistently connect, engage and inspire your audience?

Speaking is the ultimate entrepreneur and leadership skill, it enables you to increase your professional visibility, it positions you as a reliable spokesperson and advocate for your company at conferences and trade fairs, and enables you to successfully represent yourself and your team when engaging with colleagues. In many cases, it demonstrates your leadership potential because you need to get everyone on board and get things done.

Being able to successfully connect, engage with and inspire people enhances all areas of your life. It increases your general confidence and improves your day-to-day work, whether you are managing a team, leading a project, dealing with clients or trying to boost your company’s sales and marketing targets.

Is the NLP Business Masterclass: Powerful Presentations for me?

  •  you wish you could stand in front of a group of people without trembling voice feeling like you are going to pass out?
  • you wish that you could get the best out of opportunities in front of you, yet hold yourself back because of a fear of not being good enough, or not getting it right?
  • you wish you could communicate your message in a charismatic, engaging and dynamic way?
  • have you ever wondered how the best speakers, trainers and presenters can communicate their message so easily?
  • you want to be confident in all your communications?

Powerful Presentations is built around the study of Prof. Mahrebian and the meaning of communication: throughout the two days, 55% of the focus is on the non-verbal aspects of the presentations, 37% around the voice and voice tonality and 7% around the words we use.

During this intensive training course you will learn how to:

  • Be in the best state for a presenter to be in
  • Banish stage fright and anxiety
  • Use powerful body language
  • Enrich your stage presence and charisma
  • Develop your voice mastery
  • Use purposeful storytelling
  • Handle difficult audiences and hecklers.
  • Entertain an audience and add fun to your presentations.
  • Successfully manage groups and group energy
  • Create instant group rapport
  • Script your presentations so that they fit to all learning styles and preferences
  • Create powerful experiences for your audience

The Public Speaking and Powerful Presentations Masterclass is an intensive, highly interactive and fast paced training course based on Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Hypnosis, Transactional Analysis and other models. As such, it combines an exciting blend of teaching, live demonstration and exercise-based learning modules. Look forward to not only developing your presentation skills but also to completely transform your current thinking about ‘presenting’ and ‘owning the stage’.

Who should attend?

  • Anyone who presents themselves in meetings, video messages, speeches, presentations and trainings.
  • All presenters and trainers regardless of their experience will transform their abilities.
  • Anyone who wants to speak in public, present or train and has not started yet.
  • Everyone who wants to gain an insight into the application of NLP when speaking, presenting or training.

What if you don’t attend?

  • Despite your excellent work you’re not seen as a “safe pair of hands” or leadership material to let loose on the public
  • Your promotional prospects are reduced
  • You keep on giving variable performances when you speak – sometimes you get it right and sometimes you get it horribly wrong
  • Your public performances have a negative impact on your organisation’s brand
  • Your public performances have a negative impact on your personal reputation

What happens when you attend this workshop?

  • You will have the confidence and skills to present on any occasion to any audience
  • You will have the tools, techniques and skills you need to be an inspiring presenter.
  • You will know how to consciously create a strong stage presence, to convey your message in a compelling way and to inspire audiences to take action
  • You will become an important extension of your organisation’s brand
  • You will be able to maximize your professional visibility and open up new career opportunities.
  • Join us and become the presenter you’ve always wanted to be.

Who is the Trainer?

This transformational Masterclass is led by Radu Seuche, a highly experienced speaker, presenter and trainer enabling people and organisations to take charge of their success. Radu is the CEO and Founder of Mastery Matters and is a Certified NLP Master Coach and Trainer of Coaches, Certified Trainer and Master Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming. The coaching is provided by a coaching team led by certified NLP Master Coach.

What are the participants saying?

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